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Advantages and disadvantages of homework assignments

Whether to allocate students' homework assignments is a recurring question. The majority of parents and children complain of adequate time to live since children get a lot of homework from school. At the same time, teachers wonder if giving homework assignments is a good idea.

Research has shown that homework impedes students from having quality time with friends and family because children must allocate time to assign tasks. Teachers and school administrators recommend studying at home since learning without the presence of peers or teachers, distracting them is an excellent way to learn. Quality education entails good organizational skills that enable students to conduct academic research, finish homework assignments requiring reading, and prepare for debates. As much as all this is tiring, nevertheless, it is critical for the child's education.

Why homework assignments are good

Here we will outline the reasons why homework assignments are significant for students.

  1. It helps teachers and children to collaborate. Once students finish tests and assignments, they have the opportunity to search for better solutions, share thoughts, and discuss the results. Schools that offer homework have an opportunity for better communication.
  2. Homework assignments bring families together. Whenever children encounter challenges when doing their homework assignments, they seek help from elder brothers and sisters or parents; hence families spend hours attempting to solve problems.
  3. Practice makes perfect. Homework tasks such as writing are allocated to students to acquire higher qualifications at the University. The more children spend time polishing their skills, the higher their chances of joining a University of their choice or getting to work in the field they desire.
  4. Assignment tasks make students responsible. When students know that the assigned homework has a deadline, they cannot postpone, but instead, they will plan how to complete it on time. It helps them to train their willpower, which is an ability to plan time for academic activities.
  5. Enable parents to monitor their children's performance. Parents who have interests like homework assigned to their children gives them a sense of education their children are going through.

Disadvantages of having homework

After about 7 hours at school, many people do not think assigning homework assignments is a good idea.

  1. Homework stresses students. Homework assignments allocated after school have adverse health effects on young students who have to spend numerous hours dealing with challenging assignments. Stress has the potential to harm children's health and result in a negative attitude towards education in general.
  2. Homework deprives students of their social life. With many homework assignments to contend with, even into the night, student's chances to socialize diminish, this in effect, results in poor communication skills, and such students tend to get reserved.
  3. Students lose interest. A huge amount of homework assignments exert a lot of pressure on children. This pressure makes children lose interest and focus less on their education. Students need time to switch to other activities.
  4. Homework results in academic burnout. Ordinarily, doing homework takes long hours after a busy day at school. Therefore, students arrive home sleepy, tired, and many homework assignments are likely to result in total burnout.
  5. They become ineffective. The homework assignment is not effective for the intended purpose since students get help from parents, siblings, or tutors at Assignmentgeek.com. The concepts explained in the classroom make more sense to students than attempting them at home, where students compete for meeting deadlines or pleasing teachers.

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