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Top facts on who invented homework and for what reason

Despite the divergent views of people on the usefulness or otherwise of homework to the students; it is a concept that has come to stay despite all the odds against it. We shall be going into history to talk about the person that invented homework. You can visit RankMyService to find out the best homework help websites. When was it was invented and what was the initial purpose of homework? These and many more shall form the basis of this write-up.

Historical Background

History has it that homework started in AD 1 and it was the idea of Pliny the Younger. He was an orator and the initial idea was to encourage the oratory powers of students in a more informal atmosphere. The end of the 19th century brought about significant changes in the educational system. Homework was taken as compulsory training during this period. The following were set as the standards for every graded homework:

  • It must not be too complex or large
  • It should be feasible
  • It should be given at a time students are matured to handle the exercise

When was it invented?

Since the year 1905 when homework was invented by Roberto Nevilis, there has been a significant improvement in the process of homework. It is now regarded as a process which important in the process of developing the initiative, creative imagination, independence, and individuality in students.

The main purpose of homework

  • Roberto Nevilis admits that the homework is set to achieve the following purposes:
  • Enables the student to work with no hustle
  • Helps students to plan the coursework on their own
  • Enables students to use various sources
  • It enables students to choose hours for productive work
  • Allows the student to study with no outside estimation

Based on what we have so far discussed, the value of giving homework to students is seen through the following angle:

  • It consolidates and expands various skills that are necessary for independent work
  • Encourages the repetition of already learned material to establish more in the minds of the students.
  • It fixes in the memory of individual students the materials that had been passed in the class.

The major purpose of homework

In our present dispensation, the main purpose of homework can be summarized below: 

  • The formation of students' research skills in comparison analysis, assumption, hypothesis construction, and several others like it.
  • Gives students the ability to extract information from various sources such as from directories, manuals, dictionaries.
  • The skills of education expressed in various dimensions will be mastered.
  • The strong-willed efforts of each student; their responsibilities as well as their independence will be enhanced.

Homework in education quality

It is an instrument to ease the learning process for students. There are several varieties and they are all aimed at improving the knowledge of students in the long run.

  • This is an important tool that helps the students to assimilate knowledge taught in the class better.
  • It allows the student to stay focused on the subject taught.

Final Take

The above represents the development of homework from its infancy up unto the stage it has now assumed worldwide.

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