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Do We Need Homework?

Regardless of the various focal points and disservices that homework has to bring to the table, it is one of the most contentious subjects in the history of humanity, as far as education is concerned.

These fundamental tasks are sometimes given in compliance with common decency with teachers wanting to improve students' learning experience as well as support the development of good study habits. Overall, understudies are regularly entrusted with the part of conducting appropriate research and compiling proper reports for their presentation as well as submission.

Along these lines, understudies get the opportunity to enhance various abilities that could be basic for their future vocations. For example, they become self-autonomous implying that they would be fit to work under negligible supervision among numerous other attractive traits.

Nonetheless, most parents and students are lamenting that homework tasks are negatively affecting their social lives and wellbeing. Guardians presently accept that homework is taking up a gigantic lump of family time and understudies are generally exhausted because of enormous homework quantities.

To help you find your way through all these murk, we have accumulated a top-notch list of everything that you need to determine whether homework is necessary.


  • Empowers teacher-student relationship – homework was mainly invented to reinforce learning. For this to play out well, both teachers and students need to work hand in hand with each other. Once assigned a task, students are expected to accomplish them in time and teachers should always strive to give timely feedback too. This kind of relationship strengthens with time especially if it starts bearing fruits and students get to improve their grades. Moreover, its success also increases learners’ confidence in the subject as well as nurtures a positive attitude towards learning.
  • It enhances family bonding – truth be told, some homework tasks are very challenging and students can’t handle them by themselves. They often need help to solve some of these challenging assignments rather than just die trying. This now creates the perfect environment for family bonding. Older members of the family are encouraged to assist whenever they are called upon. As much as this strengthens family ties, it assures them of continued support.
  • It helps parents monitor their child's progress – homework is a great tool for monitoring kids’ academic progress. Parents who closely work with their children during homework can tell their weaknesses as well as areas of strength. This way, they get to keep tabs on their progress.


  • Homework takes a toll on students’ health – studies have consistently shown that huge homework amounts are harmful to a kid's health. Consistently working on assignments night after night tends to be stressful and detrimental. If this trend continues for a long time, it deprives your kid’s interest and enthusiasm in learning.
  • It results in burnout – research studies show that students who occasionally get to work on challenging and increased homework amounts tend to experience burnout faster than those who don’t.

Apart from just depriving students of their free time to engage in other aspects of social lies and developing other key life skills, feel free to use the above considerations, and judge whether we need homework.


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